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Dr. Kaiyan Luo earned his Doctorate of Chinese Medicine  in 1996 from the Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) with studies in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicines. He studied directly under guidance of Dr. Chen Jiwu, a National Treasure of Chinese Medicine.  Dr. Luo practiced in China for 5 years before moving to the United States in 2001. In 2002 he earned the NCCAOM Diploma and began his to practice with Dr. Massey, MD. PhD, ALT-MED. 23 years of work experience in clinical practice and supervision. He possesses a thorough knowledge of Oriental medicine including acupuncture, herbs and food therapies.


In Dr. Luo's Chinese Medicine practice he includes the knowledge of acupuncture, herbs and food therapies to restore the one's natural ability to balance and heal itself.  Each patient receives their own personalized treatment program developed specifically for them using any or all of the Traditional Chinese Medicine protocols within his scope of practice. He works with your Health Care Practitioners to enhance and compliment your total well being.


 He has experienced a 90% success rate for relieving pain.

90% success rate for reducing anxiety depression. He treats infertility through acupuncture and herbs. Acupuncture improves the function of the ovaries, regulates the hormones,reduce FSH Level, increase the blood flow to the uterus. Improve sperms counts, shape and sperm mobility. Acupuncture can increase IVF success by 65%

Holistic Treatment for depression anxiety and stress helps to balance the flow of qi(energy). Acupuncture stimulates brain to release release endorphins that can help relieve depression. These chemical messengers help the body's natural self-healing mechanisms and restore normal mood.

Natural Healing Acupuncture

870 E Higgins Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
(847) 899-5468

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